Christmas V Mastermind: Synopsis

Cast: 6 male / 3 female
Availability: Christmas V Mastermind is not available for production.


Father Christmas
A Fairy (His secretary)
A Gnome (His foreman)
The Crimson Gollywog (A master criminal)
Angora (His secretary)
Nud (His bodyguard)
Scrunch (A criminal)
PC Fumble
Policewoman Trout
At a clandestine meeting, the criminal Scrunch is commissioned by an infamous criminal mastermind - the Crimson Gollywog - to ferment industrial unrest at Father Christmas's factory so that he can ruin Christmas. However, on Scrunch's tail are a pair of inept undercover police officers who believe Scrunch holds the key to taking down the Crimson Gollywog and claiming a £1,000 reward.

Scrunch arrives at Father Christmas Ltd in Fairyland and soon persuades the Gnome foreman to advise the staff to strike. Father Christmas's pleas to the workers fall on deaf ears as they leave the building with just two weeks left to make and send eight million presents.

Help appears in the form of another factory owner - actually the Crimson Gollywog in disguise - who offers to take on the job for free; although he has no intent of doing this. Father Christmas is alerted to the deception though, but not before the police have decided Santa is the Crimson Gollywog and arrest him.

The Crimson Gollywog formulates a new plan involving a teddy bear full of TNT explosives to blow up Father Christmas's factory. He delivers the bear in disguise, whilst the police interrogate Father Christmas. The Gnome and Scrunch - who has now changed sides after a betrayal by the Crimson Gollywog - are able to rescue Santa and with the plot now revealed, they head off to find the Crimson Gollywog.

Back at the criminal's flat, one of the police officers is returning property from Father Christmas's factory, including the teddy bear bomb. The Crimson Golliywog attempts to escape but is blocked by Father Christmas leading to chaos as the police try to cope with the mistaken identities, while everyone else tries to find which of the returned bears has the bomb in it.

Amidst all this, the Crimson Gollywog effects an escape on a bicycle, unfortunately with the teddy bear bomb in its basket which blows him up.

With everything resolved, the police give Father Christmas the reward money, who decides to go on a shopping spree in order to get all the gifts he needs for Christmas in time.

Article by Simon Murgatroyd. Copyright: Haydonning Ltd. Please do not reproduce without permission of the copyright holder.